Tuesday, August 21, 2012

VOR Morning Mindfulness

Awake your child to begin the day by breathing consciously and stretching. Recite affirmations such as "I am whole" or "I am intelligent". Engage in brief dialogue to help your child set their intentions for the day such as "I will comprehend, retain and apply all new information acquired". Something a little simpler is "I will focus".

Thursday, June 14, 2012

An evening celebrating youth advocacy and 
the arts showcasing live music from 
Guitarist Larry Hudson and Vocalist Horace E. Smith III 

Fulton County Central Library Gallery
One Margaret Mitchell Square
Atlanta, GA 30303

June 14, 2012
6 PM - 8 PM

VOR featured Artist & Photographers

Visions of Rainy, Inc.

Featured Artist and Photographers
@ the

Support = Change Art Exhibit

Assata Calhoun
Aiyanna Ali
Ariston Jacks
Carla Anderson
Che’ Sealy
Fenton Thompson

Jordan Gash
Karen Turner
Terrell Clark

Laverne Neal
Lorraine McCall
Mercedes Lewis
Safiya Neal
Samuel Guilford
Shirley Lester
Sandy Rodgers
Brian Herbert

Jeremiah Alston III

Visions of Rainy, Inc.

Celebrating 10 years of Community Service to Youth

Support = Change Art Exhibit

Fulton County Central Library Gallery 
One Margaret Mitchell Square
1st Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

June 11 - July14


June 14, 2012

 6 PM - 8 PM

Saturday, May 12, 2012

VOR supporting Photographers in Atlanta

Visions of Rainy (VOR) had the opportunity to check out Photographer Terrell Clark latest photography exhibit 3ft Above Sea Level. The photographs were his normal and consistently brilliant play with B/W contrast. Your eyes follow along the lines to see where they lead you. Other times there is more light only to find life lurking in the midst of it. We got a brief moment to chat with Terrell Clark about his study of New Orleans.... 

"After visiting the quarter for a wedding assignment I immediately was drawn to the cultural, architectural, and historical flavor of this part of New Oreans. 3 feet above sea level makes reference to the fact of the French Quarter's elevation above sea level, which, in part, is due to its favorable standing during and after hurricane Katrina. This place is so unique and different from any other place I've visited in the US. For me personally, I am drawn to the daily happenings in and around the Quarter. People are really interested in the arts of New Orleans and the french quarter really embraces the love of the arts via the myriad of venues that host art culture. This particular study, hopefully, gives viewers a slightly different perspective on this area by use of the camera used and ground level shooting."

Next door to the 3ft Above Sea Level Exhibit was the colorful photography exhibit of Ross Oscar Knight. Mr. Knight has the awesome ability to speak to all 7 chakras while encouraging you to focus on the light color that resonates with you the most. His attention to detail helps the viewer to take a mental note not only of the physical dimensions of his subjects' but also the beauty that lies at their core. 

Artist of all kinds are the world's everyday historians that happily record a collection of moments that are defined as the future, right now or the valued past. 
However we decide to describe it, it's always nice to view the world from the windows of Terrell Clark and Ross Oscar Knight.